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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  August 9, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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captioned by the national captioning institute >> well, the heat is about to be on again, and if you thought that it was hot over the weekend, wait until tomorrow. adam caskey is in the weather center, and adam, the big question everyone seems to be asking, will we hit triple digits? >> there's a pretty good chance of it for tomorrow. i think 99 will be easy to make at reagan national, dulles, and b.w.i. but 100 is definitely not out of the question. we're live in the belle fort furniture weather center just tracking the heat we're all too
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familiar with. we'll get into another stretch of days with near record-setting high temperatures. i think tomorrow a few records will likely fall. here's a look outside at the sunrise over the district. some fog earlier this morning, and now just a hazy sunshine with a return to humidity. 86 at this time at reagan national. capitol heights is 88, along with winchester. tacoma park up to 99 already. even 70 degrees at reagan. humidity is back, and you'll feel it first thing when you step outside. 94, the high temperature this afternoon. hasy, how the, and humid, this is the kind of heat we're used to in washington with the southerly wind pumping up heat and humidity. but it gets even hotter tomorrow and even into wednesday. i'll give you a rundown of the records and whether or not we'll break them, coming up soon. >> last week, it was the heavy storms, and now, as you just mentioned, the extreme heat. a lot of people ready for some fall weather. courtney robinson hit the streets to gauge people's temperatures on this summer's crazy weather. >> yet again washingtonians are
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bracing for another heat wave. >> oh, my god, it's humid. >> very humid. >> i'm carrying it because it's sweating, and it's early. what time is it >> after a slight break from the hot and sticky weather this weekend, temperatures are creeping back up. today is expected to today out in the 90's, but come tomorrow and wednesday, possible triple digits. >> i can't stand the heat and humidity. i can't deal with it. one day i walked to k street and almost didn't make it back. so i'll stay inside. >> this summer, the metro region has seen some of the hottest temperatures on record, making matters worse, the added humidity. while some are ready for a cooldown, others say they're fine with the summer heat sticking around. are you done with it? >> oh, i'm ok. i'm ok with it. >> really? >> we can play tennis, sure. go out and play tennis, enjoy being outside. >> i think this summer acooler than last surges although everyone is saying the opposite. i guess i'm wrong. >> days like today are good for ruth, she tells us she'll see
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business pick up by mid-afternoon. >> people coming out sweating? >> yes. >> of course, staying hydrated is extremely important. today, tomorrow, and wednesday, air quality expected to be a code orange, which means sensitive groups should take extra precaution. from northwest, courtney robinson, abc 7 news. >> thank you, courtney. a bond hearing is scheduled today in prince george's county for two quadruple murder suspects. darryl belard and gilmore are charged with killing two women and two young children last week in new carrollton. police found the bodies in an apartment filled with trash. investigators believe the suspects and the adult victims were involved in a marijuana deal. the search is on for three men who shot and killed a convenience store clerk in glen burnie this morning. news chopper 7 was over the scene at the 7-eleven on baltimore in annapolis wlfered. the clerk tried to flee the scene. that's when a suspect fired.
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the three men are now on the run. in a rare meeting today, metro's board of directors will sit down with the national transportation safety board, and at the center of this safety summit is last summer's deadly metro collision and what needs to be done to make metro safer. kathy park is live now from the port totten metro station with what we can expect from today's meeting. kathy? >> we can expect more discussions on safety records issued by the ntsb about two weeks ago, and scott, you mentioned a rare meeting. typically metro's board, well, it doesn't usually meet in august, and the ntsb doesn't normally go to different locations to meet with agencies. tacoma park resident angela latham quems the safety on metro rails these days. >> a little bit scary. >> why is that? >> because all that's gone on so far. >> this afternoon, local and federal transit officials hope to restore confidence by taking
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steps to improve safety. in a rare meeting, the ntsb and metro board members will meet face to face, with the focus back on the june 2009 collision. >> there are resources that have to be marshaled. if we haven't marshaled the resources, we are whistling in the wind. >> the two groups will discuss recent findings and recommendations issued by the ntsb. the report pointed out that faulty track circuits and a negligent safety attitude contributed to last year's fatal red line crash. >> so much has been said about what's happened, but we've got to really focus on what to do. >> transparency within the transit agency is reassuring news for commuters who ride metro every day. >> it shows or lets the riding public know that someone else is thinking about us, that something is happening. >> at least they're taking the steps and they're communicating it well to the other right now. that's the main thing. >> others say it will take more than meetings to get metro back on track. >> i'm -- things are not going
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to change overnight. >> now this meeting gets underway at 2:30 this afternoon, and it's at metro headquarters in northwest and will be open to the public. we're live at fort totten metro station, kathy park, abc 7 news. >> in other news -- a deck fire quickly spread in urbana, displacing four families and killing a number of family pets. a charcoal grill is to blame for the fire in a townhouse on winthrop lane. the fire started last night on a wooden deck and spread quickly to adjoining townhouses. four families were displaced. no residents were hurt, but a firefighter was treated for a heat-related illness. a woman whose dog was shot and killed by sheriff's deputies will get support from public officials today. prince george's county deputies were called to the home in upper marlboro on friday. they were there to serve an eviction notice. they say williams' 2-year-old rottweiler, kato, charged at them. williams is expected to speak with elected officials and supporters from the community today at 2:00 on the front steps
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of the p.g. county courthouse. the ramp to the 12th street tunnel is back open after more than two years. the $11 million construction project started in 2008 in the ramp from the westbound southeast-southwest freeway. it reopened this morning for rush hour. v-dot says that tunnel will improve access to downtown d.c. now to the developing story of those escaped arizona inmates. the two men are now believed to be hiding out in yellowstone national park, and they're not alone. now police are linking them to a new murder in new mexico. diana avila has the latest. >> the search for two escaped inmates and their accomplice has taken a gruesome turn. authorities were called to this trailer in remote new mexico. inside were the charred remains of a husband and wife, gary and linda hobbs. their truck was found 100 miles away in albuquerque. police have linked the crime to tracy province, john mccluskey,
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and mccluskey's cousin and fiance. >> we consider them armed and dangerous. >> police arrested mccluskey's mother on suspicion she gave him money, clothing, and a getaway car. >> john mccluskey, if you're out there watching, i just come back from facing jail. they got your mother locked up. she's in her little uniform handcuffed. >> authorities say both men are members of a white supremacist group, the aryan brotherhood. they are believed to be several hundred miles from the canadian border, a journey police fear could possibly involve more violent acts. >> we consider them very extremely dangerous and violent, and when you have individuals who feel trapped and cornered, god knows where this could lead to. we just hope for the best. we hope nobody else is injured, and we are doing everything we can in the united states marshal's service to bring them to justice. >> when they first escaped, they had another inmate with them.
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daniel renwick was captured a week ago in colorado. diana avila, abc news, chicago. >> some of the foreign aid workers killed in afghanistan last week will be buried in the country they died. six of the 10 victims were americans. they were living and working in afghanistan, bringing medical care and supplies to villagers. thursday, gunmen ambushed their convoy in a remote mountain area. the director of the kabul-based international assistance mission says the tragedy will not keep the group from moving forward. >> i am not thinking of withdrawing from afghanistan. >> the taliban claims responsibility for that attack, accusing the group of spying and trying to convert muslims to christianity. the u.s. ambassador to afghanistan has strongly denied that charge. on the hill today, house members are taking a break from their summer vacation to come back to work for an important vote. the house was called back to vote on a $26 billion jobs bill that would save thousands of
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teacher and state jobs. the senate passed that bill last week after the house already left for its summer break. a vote is now expected tomorrow. social security has hit a big mark, but not a good one. for the first time in 30 years, social security is paying out more money than it is getting in taxes. treasury secretary timothy geithner says the system could be back in the black in 2012. so you can save some cash with back-to-school shopping in maryland this week. clothing and shoes costing $100 or less are exempt from maryland's 6% sales tax this week. maryland's comptroller estimates the state will lose about $19 million in taxes, but gain 10% in retail spending. some businesses can opt to include other merchandise in the tax-free shopping, but they will have to pick up the tax tab themselves. your pet's food could make your children sick, what you need to know to protect every member of your family, coming up.
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>> they had given her a huge diamond. >> it is the movie star versus the model on the stand in a war crimes trial. plus, what monitors inside the west virginia mine where 29 men died have revealed to investigators. and we are preparing for more unbearable temperatures. adam caskey is become with that
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>> welcome back. b.p. has resumed drilling relief chamber meant to seal the blown-out well for good. that well will be used to pump in more cement and mud. one possible complication, a cluster of storms over florida that could affect the northern gulf later this week.
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also today, the justice department says it is finalized a plan to ensure that the oil company follows through on a shipment to establish a $20 billion compensation fund for victims of the spill. after a round of tests in west virginia, mine officials say methane monitors in the upper big branch mine were not tampered with. monitors shut down mining machines when high levels of methane are detected, and investigators wanted to know if the monitors were altered in order to keep the mine operating, but they have determined that they were not. the april explosion killed 29 miners. keep your kids away from your pets' food. that is the warning from a new report in the american journal of "pediatrics." between 2006 and 2008, 79 people in 21 states got sick from a salmonella outbreak linked to dry pet food. most of the victims were children, and it wasn't from eating the food. it was from simply touching the food or food dishes. researchers recommend washing your hands after contact with pets, pet food, or pet bowls.
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mia versus naomi. actress mayor afarrow and an agent for naomi campbell, and farrow says campbell told her she was sent a huge diamond by former liberian president, charles taylor, back in 1997. now, that accusation directly contradicts statements made by campbell last week when she claims not to know who sent that gift. >> i opened my door, and two men were there and gave me a pouch, and it was a gift for you, and they were very small, dirty looking stones. >> she said they had been sent by charles taylor. >> and then did he remain for the dinner? >> yes, he did. >> the so-called blood diamonds during sierra leone's deadly civil war, campbell's former agent has told the courts that the model once flirted with taylor. the other guys were the big
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winners at the box office over the weekend. the will ferrell-mark wahlberg comedy knocked out "inception" from the top spot. "the other guys" received four stars from our own arch campbell . "inception" was second, followed up by "step up 3-d," "salt," and "dinner for schmucks." >> no schmucks here, just adam caskey, very respectable meteorologist on hand. >> my older brother would disagree with you, but that's my brother. look, everyone dreads the high temperatures, but you've been saying we've got to get through the next three, four days. >> in fact, our cold front should move in thursday and friday, and that should drop our temperatures a bit as well. even more so than what we have on the seven-day. that's a lot of uncertainty, so it could be really nice with that cold front. >> so you say. >> yeah, so we say right now. we're all too familiar with this somewhere, aren't we? july is the hottest month on record in washington, ok?
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tied for the hottest month ever. now it's just a continuation of the heat into august, of course. nice sunrise over frederick. in the district right now, it's 89 degrees in southeast. 88 in fredericksburg. laurel up to 90. reston, 86 degrees. for the most part, we're in the 80's to right around 90. steven city, virginia, hot spot at 94. martinsburg hot as well, at 90. let's look at the dew points. this tells us how comfortable or uncomfortable it is at this time. over the weekend, dew points are down in the 50's and near 60, so it was comfortable. hagerstown, you're not too bad in terms of humidity right now, 61 degree dew point. but locally, 70 degrees, 71, 72 in la plata. hagerstown, your luck is going to be up soon, so all this humidity down near fredericksburg and even locally, that's coming your way throughout the midday and afternoon. so when you factor in the humidity, you get the heat index. it feels like it's 92 in bowie.
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feels like 93 in frederick. the record for today is 102 at reagan national. 98 tomorrow. i think this will likely fall, not just at reagan national, but also at dulles at 97. by wednesday, 101 is the record high temperature at reagan national in 1996 at dulles. i think on wednesday, dulles is the most likely record to fall. an overnight thunderstorm complex in the midwest is pushing east, and that fell apart, and we're going to get a little bit of blowout cloud cover if that. otherwise we have our southerly flow from the bermuda high off shore. we get the southerly flow often this time of year, and that's what's pumping up the heat and humidity again. so tomorrow, 100 degrees, the high temperature. by the way, we'll wake up to temperatures for the most part in the lower 70's and a few lucky outlying suburbs. you will be in the upper 60's. i even think downtown will be in the mid 70's tomorrow morning. then up near 100 degrees for the high temperature tuesday afternoon and even into wednesday. back up near 100, and we do have a chance of thunderstorms by wednesday. wednesday and thursday, we throw that into the forecast, and we cannot rule out severe
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thunderstorms at this time. so this is another concern we'll have with the intense heat and humidity and instability in the atmosphere. then you notice on friday, upper 80's. i was just talking with one of my colleagues, and we might even go a little bit lower than that. a staw wrong on monday to already be looking forward to the weekend? >> nope. >> thanks, adam. >> especially weatherwise. it's getting better. >> you raise a good point. president obama welcomed the super bowl champions to the white house today, and he congratulated the new orleans saints on that big win for lifting the hopes and dreesms a city shattered by hurricane katrina. even though president obama did say he's a chicago bears fan, the saints were kind enough to still give him his own jersey. well, fewer people hit the skies last year. coming up, a new report breaks down the numbers, plus which airports are the scariest to fly to and from. and later today on "oprah," a food revelation. find out why some say you'll never need to diet again. that's today at 4:00 right here on abc 7.
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>> welcome back. there is a big addition for local news in the metro area. with it, some changes here at abc 7 that we're happy to tell you about. launches today. greta kreuz is live in the newsroom to explain exactly what it is. greta? >> ok, scott. well, this is actually more than a website. it's an entire operation with a cable tv component whose goal is to revolutionize how local news is covered. >> tbd-tv, which is the old news channel 8, relaunched this morning as parts of a multiplatform news gathering
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operation whose motto is all over washington. it's fueled by it's a website whose staff generates stories and partners with a vast network of other news sources, including 130 carefully vetted bloggers. the aim is to become the news source for every community. >> i think if you look at the history of the web, most web sites have been attached to newspapers, so the web is very heavy for a long time, but now video is becoming the really deal. social media is really important. mobile is getting bigger and bigger, and i think we just decided web and tv are better and better partners. >> if you try to log on to, you will automatically be redirected to the new website. the name tbd, incidentally, to be determined, because news itself never ends and is constantly changing. scott, back to you. >> all right, thank you, greta. we look forward to it. a new report from the airport council international breaks
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down sales and safety, even which airports are the scariest. overall, air traffic in north america fell more than 5% last year, mostly due to the economy. in the safety report, the t.s.a. says an average of two guns are discovered every day at security check points. as for the scariest places for takeoff and landing, nantucket memorial in massachusetts, the airport in charleston, west virginia, and la guardia in new york all made the list. adam is back with a final look at our hot weather when we ♪ [ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
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[ female announcer ] wisk is about to change the way you look at stains forever. discover the power of our stain spectrum technology in the new red bottle of wisk. coming august 2010.
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>> back with a final check of the forecast. adam, we just got to get through a few tough days. >> we can do it, washington. we can do it! >> let's go. >> up near 100 again with high humidity tuesday and wednesday a few records will fall the next couple of days. storms possibly wednesday and thursday. of course, that's a little more serious, so we'll keep a very close eye on it. into the weekend, friday into the weekend, cooling down into the upper 80's, and quite possibly mid 80's at that point. the cold front is going back in backwards than normal, coming in from new england kind of off the ocean. that would increase the clouds as well, which would keep our temperatures down and keep it a little more comfortable on friday. >> all right. good-looking weekend. we can only get to that. thanks, adam. and thank you for joining us this midday. we'll see you back here at "good morning washington" at 5:00 a.m. be sure to watch ups at 5:00.
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